Test Kitchen with Hyper-V on Windows 10

I have recently moved from using a Apple MacBook Pro to a Microsoft Surface Book running Windows 10 and I wanted to play around with Docker for Windows. This meant that I had to install Hyper-V which posed the problem of having to remove Virtual Box which I had been using for my Test Kitchen runs of my cookbooks.

This post shows how to configure Hyper-V to work with Test Kitchen. It took a little while to get all the configuration set correctly and there are some gotchas, but on the whole it works very well.

Astute readers will be asking why I did not just start working with Docker now that I had it installed. I have done that as well, but that is for another post.

A surprising side effect of using Hyper-V was that machines are created much more quickly than in Virtual Box. The reason for this is that the final machine uses a differencing disk from the original so the virtual hard disk is not copied leading to faster spin up times.

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